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Recent Projects

Project # Subject Title
98305 Business Accounting
98307 Philosophy credential society paper 2 page(INTERVIEW REQUIRED)
98310 Art 50 questions of music
98311 General RESEARCH PAPER
98313 Law group discussion The Color of Justice: Race, Ethnicity, and Crime in America
98314 Law Disparity and Discrimination Paper
98315 Mathematics Statistics Quiz
98316 Mathematics Real Analysis - Series
98317 Mathematics finite math
98318 Science statistics
98319 Business financial econometrics
98321 Science Economics-Microeconomics-Elasticity
98322 General Design brief
98323 English compare.
98326 General International Area study
98327 Business Managerial accounting
98329 Business Business
98334 General Multiple-choice Psyc101, 33 question quiz
98338 Mathematics Math
98340 General Writing
98341 English HW
98342 English BLOG - Reflection on your interview
98343 Business Human Resources Development and Management
98345 English Essays
98346 Business Upper Division Managerial Economics; Select 1 suggested topics (see details)
98347 English Essays
98348 General Psychology term paper
98349 History book review on All the Presidents' Bankers: The Hidden Alliances that Drive American Power, by Nomi Prins.
98350 Business Marketing Essay
98354 Mathematics stat
98359 Business Quickbooks project (Accounting)
98361 Mathematics Abstract Algebra
98363 Computer Assignment 3
98365 General homework
98366 General Logistics
98367 Mathematics linear Algebra
98368 Mathematics ACCOUNTING PR 17-1B
98369 Mathematics ACCOUNTING 17-2B, 17-3B
98370 Computer research paper
98371 Business U8 Project
98372 Business U9 Discussion
98373 Business U9 Journal
98374 Medicine 10 Essential Services of Public Health
98375 General Ethics, Technology and Trends in Testing
98377 English Report about Solar power
98378 Business Healthcare Database Assignment
98379 Computer help
98381 Mathematics please help
98383 Computer Python algorithmic design
98386 Computer Computer IT (Website Evaluation) 2-4 pages double spaced
98387 Mathematics Algebra I
98389 Computer BlackJack Python
98391 Mathematics College Algebra
98393 Business Marketing
98396 General Writing Recommendation Reports
98398 Mathematics Nanospark Electronics
98399 General question 1

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